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Hi everyone. I'm Yuki. Founder of Team and Game Project of Our City. I played a lot of game visual novels like Lagoon Lounge, Morenatsu, Nekojishi, Blackgate ... and rethink why not make a game yourself?

=> Project progress will be updated regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Patreon.

You can donate to Support Our City. When donating in future you will have Keychain, Standee, T-Shirt and R18 art from Our City and Early Access :3

Dowload Demo and Enjoy <3 Thanks You!

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorYuu Yuki
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Tags2D, boy-love, Furry, Gay, Yaoi


Our City Demo (ENGLISH).rar 118 MB


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For all of you, who still cling on this VN, I have a bad news for you. This project has been canceled. You can't find the information of this project any where because it just available only in Vietnam (mainly). It's used to have a group for this VN on Facebook and Twitter, but it has been taken down. The cause for this problem seem to be the drama between the main artist, who draws one of the character in this VN ( The white bear), and the group of this project. I don't want to go further for the drama so I don't know what happen at the end, but the outcome for this is that the story has been delayed very long. After the drama and delay, they also lack of fund and skill to maintain the project. So that is the whole thing I know so far. If you want to know more I will give you all the pages that still available at the meantime. Hope you all satisfies with this information.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ourcityvs ( Close after January 1, 2020 )


I have lost theirs main Facebook ( personal) so sorry I can't give you more than I know.

P/s: They used to have a separated version for this VN, but I guess that special version also burn down with the main project.

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hello, I like your stories hope your not dead, as the saying goes when one door closes, a new one opens!

Is this dead?

I don't know, i found no information about this :(

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Make an android version please

i guess this VN is dead?


I was told an app that can play most pc VN's! Here it is https://joiplay.github.io

Believe it or not, I tried to play some and they work. However, not all rpg games such as Tavern of Spear will work.

There's no .py


Hey I'm thinking, how do I update a game in this app?

I did try to run the game at joiplay, well it run... but you can't play it.


Because some visual novels are coded differently from the norm, not always will joiplay work properly or at all. Examples are many RPG and Japanese visual novels. Maybe future joiplay will be able to support more, for now you it can only run .py  (renpy) and a few others. Thankfully most VNs are coded in renpy.

keep it up :)

is it too short? is the games nice i wanna know before dowloading

I am trying to think of an OC and want to do the patreon support. Just not sure what to make it as. Downloading the demo to maybe give me an idea of what to make.

Can you make a version for Android

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I'm excited. I think you should add an Android version though. 


I also agree with you

I have no access to a computer currently...



Well... Yes, but I'm 19 actually. I just didn't care enough about a private pc (laptop), until now.

is these available for android version?

Is this project finished? I want to wait until it is so I only have to download it once.

Keep working on this project! Lion deserves more attention


Love it so far! Can't wait to see what comes next!


Thanks You <3 Hope you Enjoy Demo English