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i apparently have no clue how the game processing currently, is it unfinished and drooped?
or its not....
i wish we can have more information about this, sorry-full all 3 of the links have no more information, both the twitter and facebook links are lead for: "this account was..." [aka they lead nowhere]
I do Hope the Team is fine, and they can make more stuff :D [this VN story and stuff is got me :D]

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so im guessing there will be a sequal to this?

they say they will make a series , so probably ? maybe?

Deleted post


Deleted post

i readed some of their Post's  and I just made a guess


since there is no information here i checked their Twitter and probably there is some good news after all:

"Because of the current Covid-19 epidemic, Project will move to 2021 and will be officially released.
Sincerely apologize to everyone. m(;∇;)m
By: @OurCityStudio

2022 rn whats going on?

Welp probably silence, and it can mean it's not going to continue... ? < i woried about This


their is new version in it has chapter 2- 3 now come if you like


us there an English version ? If so can you send me the link ?


I think not. This version was the newest version. And then the studio was disbanded.


I dont think that they disbanded , its more like they're inactive for the time being since there's no conformation about a disban


due to the Pandemic of Corona it's very possible




The Moment when you want to Download IT and you have android


umm.... does it have CG?


It has. But you couldn't found it on the main menu, it only disappear during the course of your play. And it's NSFW.

how to download?

are there going to have more chapters released in english soon?


Will there be android version?

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Even for a short story, the ending is pretty sad.


The story was so good and it's kinda short honestly. I love the art, music, almost everything was so good.

But Hey! It's a pretty good story.

Keep it up Yuu Yuki  :3


can you make a android version 

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I love the art, music and the story but, it's kinda short, the only characters we really interact with is Chris. However the English sometimes is a bit  off putting at times, if you need any help with that, I'd be glad to lend a hand and point out any errors I see!


Thanks you x3 ♥